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Hi and welcome to my website!

I am a PhD researcher and writer, with a special focus on environmental issues, politics, sustainability, agriculture and food systems.


Amongst others, I have worked on projects in partnership with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), the University of Copenhagen, the Cambodian Prey Lang Community (PLCN), the European Commission and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Budapest. 


If you are interested in my previous work, you can find it under the Portfolio tab. If you want to learn a bit more about my qualifications, just scroll down here. And if you like what you see, check my Services and get in touch! 


Who am I? 

I am a global citizen with Dutch-Hungarian roots, who has lived in a number of countries ranging from Australia in the warm Pacific, the United Kingdom in the cold Atlantic, Denmark in the lukewarm Baltic and Hungary in the boiling hot/freezing cold Carpathian Basin.

I believe in true, unbiased information. Information helps us to better understand, and therefore protect our beautiful planet. Information helps us to see the flaws of our systems, and therefore create a more equal and equitable society. 

I have a MSc in Environmental Development from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and I have a BA(Hons) in International Relations and Development from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.


I speak five languages: English (full professional), Dutch (native), Hungarian (native), German (professional) and Portuguese (limited working).

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