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Rural Politics in Undemocratic Times: Exploring the Emancipatory Potential of Small Rural Initiatives in Auhtoritarian Hungary

Geoforum (2023) 

This article discusses how agricultural initiatives such as CSA, permaculture, and small-scale and regenerative farming can help situate questions of sustainable rural politics into a broader agenda of democratic governance.

By Noémi Gonda and Péter József Bori

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Forest Monitoring in Prey Lang: Preh Rokar and Sorng Rokha Vorn Wildlife Sanctuaries: 2nd Monitoring Report

University of Copenhagen (2022)

This is the second report of the Citizens Engaged for Environmental Justice (CEEJA) consortium. The report highlights the main challenges faced by Cambodia's main wildlife sanctuaries, and the communities relying on them.

By D. Argyriou, I. Theilade, P. J. Bori

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Shattering the Chains of Rural Repression

Forum Synergies and ARC2020 (2022)

This chapter is part of Rural Europe Takes Action, a policy guide that aims at achieving better resilience and sustainability in the European food system. The chapter discusses the exploitative rural politics that dominate the Hungarian agricultural sector and highlights how small farming initiatives can fight back. 

Péter József Bori and Noémi Gonda

Contradictory populist ecologies: Pro-peasant propaganda and land grabbing in rural Hungary

Journal of Political Geography (2022)

This Viewpoint emphasises the contradictions between Hungarian rural propaganda and the realities of the countryside. It questions the pseudo-emancipatory and pseudo-sustainable processes that dominate the official rhetoric of the Orbán regime.

By Péter József Bori and Noémi Gonda

1st Monitoring Report - Citizens Engaged for Environmental Justice

University of Copenhagen (2022)

This report introduces the CEEJA consortium. The aim is to improve forest dependent populations' ability to conserve and benefit form the natural resources these forests hold, with a versatile strategy involving community-based monitoring, drone technology, satellite monitoring, and more. 

By D. Argyriou, I. Theilade, P. J. Bori

9th Monitoring Report: The Status of Prey Lang Forest

University of Copenhagen (2021)

Government ban on forest patrols fuels deforestation. This paper analyses satellite and forest patrol data to provide an updated status report on Cambodia's most precious forest areas. 

Written on behalf of the Prey Lang Community Network by D. Argyriou, P..J. Bori, I. Theilade

Geographic Citizen Science for Forest Monitoring and Conservation

Copenhagen Centre for Development Research (2020)


Community data collection is a cost-effective and sustainable way of promoting conservation efforts. This brief focuses on illegal logging in Cambodia and on PLCN, a network of local and indigenous villagers using an advanced smartphone application to collect data on deforestation.


By P. J. Bori, D Argyriou, I. Theilade

8th Monitoring Report: The Status of Prey Lang

University of Copenhagen (2020)

Analysis of one year of forest patrol data shows a large increase in illegal logging and that the most felled timber species are endangered. The report calls for more action to protect these forests. 

Written on behalf of the Prey Lang Community Network by D. Argyriou, P..J. Bori, I. Theilade

Politics and Institutions in Post-Socialist Rural Development

University of Copenhagen (2020)

Smallholders form the backbone of Hungarian society. Yet, they have historically been subjected to persecution, economic marginalisation, land grabbing and more. This paper identifies the factors that impede the realisation of sustainable livelihoods for farmers. 

By Péter József Bori (available on request)

First Monitoring Report: Preahrokar Forest Community Network

University of Copenhagen (2019)

Preah Rokar is a Wildlife Sanctuary located on the Indo-Burmese Peninsula. In recent years it has seen an increase in illegal logging activities. This report analyses community-collected data to show the extent of deforestation.

Written on behalf of the Preahrokar Community Network by D. Argyriou, P..J. Bori, I. Theilade

The State of Food Waste in Hungary

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2018)

If food waste was a country, it would rank as the third biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. This report highlights the causes of food waste and presents initiatives in Hungary in the civil-, private-, and government sectors. Commissioned by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Budapest, Hungary.

By Péter József Bori

Plastic Strategy: European Commission Staff Working Document

European Commission (2018)

A European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy. As a trainee at DG MARE (Maritime Affairs and Fisheries), I was heavily involved with the writing and proofreading of the sections related to plastic waste from sea-based sources (4.1.3) and micro-plastics (4.4).

By multiple authors

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